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on Thursday, November 2, 2017 starting at

Playdate (Fitness, games, music) for children 6-10 yrs

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Where: Thornhill Public School,
7554 Yonge St, Thornhill, Ontario L4J 1V8

Hooshvar Foundation alnog with HnA Canada Studies is offering a games and fitness program, inspired by Traditional Games around the world and designed for children of Now.
This program intends to help children 6-10, come together in an emotinally safe place and experience how playing in a big group of kids (Like families) would feel like. This programs is designed to help on children’s fundemental activities, children’s self esteem, bringing awareness to their bodies and mind utilizing Rhythm, musical basis and Mathematics, where all these fields meet and help children’s emotional, social and physical development.

The program is under supervision of ”Dr. Nooshin Esfahani” (PHD of PHysical Education, experienced in working with children) from ”HnA Canada Studies” and ”Ms. Atessa Hooshvar” (BSc. of Math, Professional Musician and Artist) who is persuing her Master’s degree in clinical Psychology.
The program duration is for 6 weeks
starting Nov 2, 2017--- every Thursday : 6:00- 7:30
Price: $150 for one child or :$120 for the second child of the family.

We are so excited to finally rolling this program for our community.
Hooshvar Foundation and HNA Canada Studies
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