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Mel Lastman Square

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5100 Yonge Street, North York, ON, M2N 5W4
North York, ON, M2N 5W4
Mel Lastman Square is a busy and influential area, that offers activities year round. While it is surrounded by North York’s bustling business sector, the square serves as a daily retreat to relax and eat lunch.

Tucked away from busy Yonge Street, the square is located in an ideal spot for city activities. The sunken location is intended to provide shelter and segregation, so that activities can take place away from the busy traffic on Yonge Street.

A man-made stream runs from the fountain under a large sign at Yonge Street down into the large concrete square. Planters, trees, shrubs and wooden benches surround the area. A large pool is located in the center of the square that serves as a relaxing focal point in the summer and a great winter skating rink.